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Email subject : Asking the possibility to enroll as graduate student in your laboratory.
Dear Prof. ((Professor Name)),

My name is Teguh Budianto from Indonesia.

As information about me that my undergraduate background is Bachelor of Engineering in Informatics, Faculty of Science and Technology, State Islamic University of Sultan Syarif Kasim Riau, Indonesia. My undergraduate research was related to Information Retrieval and Filtering and Data Mining followed by its successfully published a paper in a national seminar in Indonesia. Furthermore, I was promoted as a teaching assistant in Intelligent System’s class in my undergraduate department, focusing on Information Filtering subjects.

I am planning to continue my study in ((UNIVERSITY's NAME)) in 2015. I have opened your website and interested to join into your laboratory because your laboratory provides research themes which fit very well with my educational background and interests.

I am highly motivated in exploring Artificial Intelligence. As for my research, I am planning to conduct research in Natural Language Processing (NLP) because there are many sides of NLP which have not yet been found. In my future research, I will propose an approach in question answering system using recommendation system to help the questioners find answers more quickly. In general, there are two recommendation approaches used in recommendation system, they are Collaborative Filtering (CF) and Content-Based (CB). Since implementing each approach separately has some drawbacks, such as overspecializationcold-start problem, and sparsity, researchers have proposed the combination of two or more approaches for tackling those drawbacks. That combination usually is known as hybrid approach. By the reason, I will use hybrid approach in this research, not only for recommending answer or question but also avoiding a proposed model from the weakness of the recommendation method. 

However, if the research is not related to your research interest, I do not mind changing the research topic to your research interest.

For your information, I have passed the primary screening from The Embassy of Japan in my country and have been nominated as an awardees candidate of Monbukagakusho Research Student 2015 via The Embassy of Japan in Indonesia.

I should be grateful and feel honored if you would give me information about the requirements and the chance to join into your laboratory.

For your consideration, I enclose Curriculum Vitae, research proposal and copy of Passing Certificate of The Primary Screening. Please let me know if you are interested and require any further details or documents. I hope to hear it from you in the near future. Thank you in advance for your kindness.


Sincerely yours,
Teguh Budianto
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